Wednesday, September 16, 2020

In Case You Had Any Doubts, Antifa Is, In Fact, An Organized Group

The claim that it isn't is idiotic--it's just the latest leftist ploy to muddy the waters as a way to excuse them. It's a standard progressive ploy by this point--pretending that bad aspects of the left that people are getting fed up with simply don't exist. The first time I remember this ploy being deployed as with respect to political correctness. When criticisms of PC started popping up, we were treated to a barrage of bizarre responses claiming PC simply didn't exist. 
   Actually scratch that--you might go a bit farther back to the claims that race doesn't exist. That was the left's claim before they switched to the outright-incoherent race does exist, but its social

   Bonus: Portland "woman" accused of rioting faces both local and federal charges. I've noticed that the mugshots include many such "women"...either Portland is home to many extremely unattractive women...or there's some other explanation....


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