Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Don't Forget: If YOU Use Words The Left Doesn't Like, You Are Committing Violence Against Them; But THEIR Roving, Violent Mobs Are Merely Engaging In Free Speech

 If you fail to use their very, very most up-to-date jargon, this not only causes but constitutes a violent attack against them. However, they are permitted to mob you and beat you down...just free speech, man...which they don't even believe in, so...

Sometimes I think this is very much like a simulation--an experiment to see how insane they can become before the remnants of the liberal center are capable of realizing--or willing to admit--that the left has gone stark, raving nuts.

I still think that getting the center-left to accept--pretty much immediately and almost entirely without argument--that men can become women just by dressing differently was the most significant recent turning point. After all, if you can get people to accept--or say they accept--a material contradiction involving only some of the simplest concepts we have...what can't you get them to accept / endorse?


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