Saturday, September 12, 2020

Biden: We Need A President Who Tells The Truth

I couldn't agree more.
Truth and reason are of paramount importance. 
Trump's Trump--bullshitter, hyperbolizer, inarticulate asserter of inarticulate assertions. Occasional outright liar.
OTOH: the progressive left is now outright opposed to the very idea of truth. Its core commitment is to political correctness, which means: the subordination of truth and reason to dogma. It's more the enemy of the truth than even the religious right. It waves the banner of science, but colonizes and corrupts it, subordinates it to politics. Prope-Lysenkoism. The progressive left squelches inquiry and free speech precisely because it is opposed to reason and truth. Its devoted adherents live in a web of lies and delusions, from global warming hystericism to Russiagate to Russiagategate and its suppression, to the lies of BLM.
Bad as Trump is in this respect, he's nothing compared to the other side. And Biden is wholly a man of the other side. He'll advance their anti-alethic, anti-epistemic project because there's not enough left of him to oppose it. 
Forced into a choice between the two, Trump wins by a mile, according to me.
Furthermore, Trump's ill-tempered obnoxiousness has a tendency to smoke out bullshit on the other side. He's a contrarian who won't be cowed. And there's a helluvalot to be said for that...even in a package with all his vices.
Finally, the threat to the country today is almost entirely from the ascendance of the left. The cult runs the country. It's got to be our primary target. The right is a feeble thing, currently.
So, adding everything up, it's Trump.
It took me years to see that, and another year to admit it, but there it is.
By Henley's fallibilistic principle: I could be wrong, but I'm not.


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