Sunday, September 13, 2020

A "Handful" Of "Protestors" Showed Up "In Opposition To What...Trump Tweeted...Also In Support Of Black Lives [Matter?]"; Cops Tackle Reporter Out Of The Blue...Also Leprechauns

Actually, the protestors were disgusting assholes harassing the cops, expressing their hope that the LA officers who were ambushed would die, and (allegedly) blocking the emergency room entrance. The reporter was apparently interfering with an arrest.
   If you believe the bullshit the media puts out about such things by this point, you are beyond gullible.
   Even with seemingly conclusive video footage, as in the Floyd-Chauvin case, there's always something they're hiding that shows the case to be less clear-cut and less-bad than they represent it as being.
   If they're showing the police cuffing the reporter, that means it's the most incriminating footage they've got. If the cops tackled the reporter unprovoked, they'd show that. If they're not showing it, then that's not what happened.


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