Sunday, September 06, 2020

93% Of "Racial Justice" Protests Peaceful!!!!!!

Jesus Christ what stupidity

First, many of the riots are extremely violent.
Second, 7% violent is an enormous amount of violence--especially given how many such protests there were. Suppose somebody is only violent 0.1% of the time. That's still not a guy I want for a neighbor.
In 2015 there were about 53,469,300 interactions with police in the U.S.
Even if we count all 1104 cases when they used lethal force (though the vast, vast majority of those were justified shootings), police encounters are only deadly about 0.0000043535286% of the time.
So: if this dipshit "mostly peaceful" argument works on protests, then it really super-duper works in the case of the police... The police are vastly less deadly than the riots are violent. And this wouldn't change 
much even if we used all police use of force.
Nobody uses this kind of argument unless they've got a pre-determined conclusion and are just looking to rationalize it.


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