Saturday, August 29, 2020

Your Blue Future: Pantyfa Psychopaths Harass And Attack People Leaving White House RNC Event

 These people are insane, and they are the point of the blue spear.

The grotesquely unhinged girl in the sock-cap/mask is basically the personification of the progressive left.

Honestly, how can these people live with themselves? If I ever acted like that--which is virtually inconceivable--I'd probably jump off a bridge. They are insane, and utterly without honor, self-respect, or any commitment to any liberal or American value. Or, for that matter, any admirable quality whatsoever. These are the spiritual successors to the university students Lenin used to murder the Kulaks. 

Imagine what sort of person uses the thin veil of the words "antiracism" and "black lives matter" to cover their totalitarian acts? 

But, for that matter:

What should we say about a country that has allowed itself to be cowed by an insane cult, simply because they intone those same hollow words?

They attack in mobs, act like insane people...because, well, they're basically insane...and cavort around threatening until they decide it's safe enough to attack. They rely on greatly outnumbering and out-fucking-crazying their victims...and on the fact that everyone knows that, virtually no matter what they do, they won't be punished for it--whereas, should their victims preemptively attack or even merely respond in self-defense, they're likely to be prosecuted by blue-state prosecutors.

As I've said before: some insanity is a wetware issue...but insanity can be emulated by software, too. These people have programmed themselves to be insane.


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