Monday, August 31, 2020

Well, As I've Said Before, Women Are Always The Left's Last Priority

 Except for straight white dudes--but they don't count, obviously.


Even men pretending to be women are above women in the left's victim hierarchy... So, apparently, do rapists--if they're black, anyway.

Of course, once again, the progressive-left media got a false account of the Jacob Blake incident out there immediately. And once that's out there, it'll stay. In part because progressives want it to be true, so they'll cling to it. In part because low-information types will have heard the first version that was blared everywhere, but not the true version that was mumbled on page B-32.

Weirdly women are, apparently, strangely susceptible to the spell cast by the left. You'd think they'd wise up after getting the shit end of the stick so often.


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