Friday, August 21, 2020

Toldja The Pubs Were Kidding Themselves About Biden's Cognitive Decline

 They seemed to think he was going to get up there and fall apart, revealing that he was in a dementia tailspin. 

I couldn't bear to listen to the speech--it really was full of shit. For all of Trump's thermonuclear bullshitting, he really is less the enemy of truth than the zombie brain-eater animated corpse of liberalism that is the progressive Dems. 

So I just skipped through part of it and gave up. But Biden seemed perfectly cogent and competent. 

Looks like we're going to have to beat him fair and square.

Man, all that love and soul stuff got old fast though.

Incidentally: Trump seems to have--finally, for the love of God--started to get a little less Trumpy. That is: he seems to have become marginally less crass / angry / abrasive. He needs to throttle it back about another 75% in order to have anything like a Presidential demeanor...but it's something. If only he'd have done it four years ago, he'd be cruisin' toward a landslide. But no. He had to be a jackass, and now love Goths may well breach the gates and inflict their love-riots and love-arson and love-beatings on the populace. 


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