Monday, August 31, 2020

Today's Stupidets Op-Ed Ever: Joel Mathis: "To Stop Political Violence, Support Peaceful Protests"

 Imagine writing something this stupid...

First: "support peaceful protests" is ambiguous as between:

[a] Support peaceful protests as opposed to violent ones


[b] Support the content/causes of peaceful protests.

Guess which one Joel means?

So his not-quite-stated argument seems to be:

If somebody peacefully protests something, you'd better do as you're told and support their cause...otherwise we they will be forced to get violent...and you don't want that, do you? I mean, it's a nice little town you got here...wouldn't want anything to happen to it...

You see, it's conservatives' faults for failing to mindlessly support the biggest hate-crime hoax of all time, Black Lives Matter. We refused to mindlessly parrot the slogans, bend the knee, and believe the false predicate of the the protestors had to get violent. I mean, what choice did they have? They told us what we had to believe and do, and we didn't comply. The violence is really on us when you think about it.


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