Saturday, August 29, 2020

Jacob Blake Is A Rapist Who Had Just Raped His Ex-GF...Yet Again...Before The Police Attempted To Arrest Him

[And violated a restraining order]

Which is to say that--yet again--the media lied so as to make a violent, black criminal resisting arrest into an innocent victim of police "brutality."

How many times can they possibly get away with this? 

It happens every single time.

It's gotten to a point at which I never believe the media accounts of such events, and in every case know that I have to wait until the truth comes trickling out, usually discovered by conservative journalists. 

In effect, the media burned down Kenosha by fabricating a lie that might as well have been calculated to create mob violence. 

Somebody...for the love of God...explain to me how it is that progressives have so locked themselves up in such a web of lies and delusions! I simply don't understand how anyone can be this immune to the facts! I understand the power of tribalism and religious belief...but at some point the impingement of the facts becomes irresistible! 

Well, calming down a bit...of course one important factor is the weaponization of false accusations of racism. People are terrified of them...progressives especially. That's an almost unbelievably powerful tool for keeping the faithful in line.

Also: yes, I realize that what Blake did this time was not technically rape, but "merely" sexual assault...but I'm not in a mood to be scrupulous about such distinctions.


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