Saturday, August 29, 2020

Harris: Rioters "Not Going To Stop"--and "Should Not" [Stop]; And [Progressives/Dems] "Should Not" [Stop]


The progressive / Democratic establishment is in favor of the riots.

The theories and principles they've been pushing for the past 30 years--and especially the last ten--entail that the riots are good. 

If they were against them, they'd have said so--and said so frequently, enthusiastically, immediately...and before they were pressured to by falling poll numbers and leftist personalities. 

Don't vote for a party that grudgingly mouths the words "riots are bad" only grudgingly and in order to get elected. Because that party, as I shouldn't have to tell you, does not, in fact, believe that riots are bad.

Progressives and Dems are promoting the riots--e.g. by supporting false media "narratives" about police and white violence against blacks. The riots are a tool / means for achieving what they want--cowing non-progressives into compliance. But progressives also think that the riots are good in themselves. They are just punishment for slavery, "white supremacy," "what privilege," and electing Trump. 


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