Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Does The U.S. Admit Too Few Refugees?


I don't know, but my inclination is to think that we should incline toward giving preference to political refugees. There are always details that aren't made clear in op-ed level arguments--e.g. questions about how much public assistance such programs require. 

I'm unmoved by the religious arguments, of course. Rawls argues that it's permissible for people to be moved by such arguments in public debates in a democracy, but they don't carry weight with the nonreligious, so other--sufficiently good--arguments will be needed.

I'm suspicious of how radically the Trump administration has cut back on refugees...but it seems fairly clear that the system has been abused for quite some time. Again, we'd need to see details to know. I'm sure there out there, but I'm in the dark about them. 

It'd be less imperative to cut back here if our ordinary and illegal immigration levels weren't astronomically high. This has long been one of my reasons for wanting to get immigration levels under control--so that we could bring in more victims of political persecution.


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