Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Did George Floyd Die Of An Overdose?

 Sure sounds that way.

But it may well have been overdetermined. I have no idea what the law says about such cases, of course.

I'd just like to know the truth about it, whatever that may be.

But it's very f*cked up that even public officials are walking around claiming that Chauvin murdered him. Seems to me that Chauvin's lawyer should basically argue that it's not possible for him to receive a fair trial anywhere in the country. It also seems to me that he could argue that, so long as there's some more-or-less plausible reason to believe that Floyd died of an overdose, Chauvin can't be convicted--such plausible reason would constitute reasonable doubt. If so, Chauvin should walk.

But, again: I'm not a lawyer. And you can't just figure this sort of thing out. You've got to have the relevant knowledge.


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