Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Behold, The Contemporary Left Uses The Threat Of Mob Violence To Force Faux-Support

 Here are BLM ****** totalitarian fuckwit mobs physically intimidating people into giving their little fascist fist-salute. 

This is, of course, compelled speech. This is where the extremist left always ends up. They're incrementally moving closer and closer to telling us what we can't and must say. 

In the second clip, they're threatening a woman, which deserves an ass-beating in my book.

The little prick in the foreground is about yeah far [indicates small distance with fingers] to sexual assault.

The left is insane.

The Democrats clearly support their crazy, violence wing now. This isn't a fringe anymore, it's in the drivers' seat.

At this point, I don't see much alternative to ordinary people deploying counter-violence.

Of course the media suppresses all this, dribbling out only the absolute minimum amount of information about it they think they can get away with.

[Imagine the media response if that had been a right-wing rioter protester standing threateningly over a woman with his fist raised, then putting his face down near her neck.] 


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