Monday, May 18, 2020

What "Fact" Checks Have Become At the ComPost

   What Trump Jr. II clearly meant was that the media would stop flogging the WuFlu story--which it's undeniably used to advance its anti-Trump case. Everything was spun, spun, spun to be as awful as possible, absolute measures were used when they sounded worse, per capita measures were used when they sounded worse, everything was represented/misrepresented so as to maximize hysteria and seemingly support the conclusion that Trump had done everything wrong. 
   He's saying: they won't have any reason to keep doing that after the election. (Especially if whoever-the-Democrat-is-by-then wins.) Honestly, he's likely right.
   What this becomes in the hands of the ComPost: Trump Jr. II is saying that the virus itself is a "hoax," and that it will actually cease to exist after the election. 
   But TEH SIENZE says that it is "inevitable" that the virus will still be here next winter! Trump Jr. II's comments are "reckless" (?)!...
And on and on.
This isn't even nearly the crappiest crap in the MSM this morning. This stuff isn't even funny anymore. Trump Jr. II is making a--not at all implausible--point about the media. The Post bends over backwards to misinterpret it. Then deploys one of progressivism's THE SCIENCE! argument: THE SCIENCE supports whatever progressives prefer that it supports. Fauci says it's "inevitable" that the virus will still be a major problem next Winter. I doubt it's inevitable. They've been wrong about so much thus far that I'm not going to be at all surprised if they're wrong about this. And inevitability claims make me laugh out loud at this point. 
   The relentless drumbeat of this nonsense in the flagship national media is appalling. 


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