Saturday, May 30, 2020

Trump v. Twitter Et Al.

Now Trump wants to narrow the scope of First Amendment protections... 
   Twitter is evil and stupid. It has not only reduced much of public discourse to even smaller sound bites, but to mob rule as well. It promotes the heckler's veto. And it blatantly and outright censors "conservatives"--which mow means: those to the right of the extremist left. It's been about as bad for our efforts to reason collectively as any such thing could be. But I can't see (layperson that I am) any grounds for legal action against it for any of this.
   Leave those stupid assholes alone. Make your arguments. Hope for the best. What else is there to do? Lest we become like them.
   Looks like Trump is dropping this. But he should never have said it in the first place.


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