Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Trump Doubles Down On Crazy Scarborough Accusation

Yeah, this is the kind of frothing-at-the-mouth BS that makes Trump unfit for office.
It's just nuts.
Though: it's not a "conspiracy theory." Stop freaking using that term to just mean false and/or unreasonable belief.
Though on at least one version of the story, there is, I guess, a 2-person conspiracy between Scarborough and the coroner(?), if that counts.
Anyway: you can't have a president who makes such rabid accusations against his enemies. It's unhinged.
Look, even if Trump had some kind of super-secret proof of the accusation--even if he knew for a fact that Scarborough were a murderer--it is not the sort of thing you spew out on the Twitter. Especially after the dead woman's husband asks you to stop.
None of this changes the fact that the other team has completely lost its collective mind. Nor that Trump has many strengths that the TDS crowd refuses to acknowledge. But there is just no way that, under normal conditions, someone who says such things should even be considered for high office--much less for the presidency.
Though, OTOH, it's worth pointing out that the above-the-water part of the blue team spews false accusations basically nonstop... They're capable of making lunatic accusations with a kind of veneer of pseudo-civility. And they have legions of academicians and journalists who provide a battery of sophistical arguments and theories aimed at giving the illusion of defensibility to their accusations. One might argue that that makes them more dangerous... In fact, it almost certainly does make them more dangerous. The masters of the cultural superstructure categorically reject everything Trump says--but they uncritically accept the at-least-equally crazy, but superficially more civil, stuff that comes from the left. 
That's no defense of Trump--though it's grounds for a defense of voting for Trump. It's just a reminder that, in principle, Trump's no worse than his opponents. That is, a reminder of the terrible choice that looms out of the fog ahead of us.


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