Sunday, May 17, 2020

READ THIS: Taibbi: Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties

If you care what I think (not that you should): you really have to read this.
   There's so much right in there that I can't even pick out a passage or reasonable length to quote.
   Lots of people have recognized this stuff. More and more seem to be recognizing it by the day.
   As I keep saying: you may think that Trump's anti-presidential, erratic demeanor is more dangerous than the anti-Constitutional goals of the left-wing extremism that's now fighting for the helm of the Democratic party. I don't think that's a crazy view. Demeanor--or, more substantively: personality and character--matter. A lot. But IMO: you absolutely must reflect deeply on the fact that left-wing extremists who, inter alia, reject important Constitutional principles are largely in control of that party. I absolutely understand someone who says: "Both are awful and dangerous; in the end, I think Trump is more so". To him I say: go in peace and vote your conscience. But someone who thinks that this is good vs. evil, and that there's no great danger on our left...they're simply not paying attention, or not understanding what they're seeing. (Though the worst case: I know people who seem to think that the Dems' real failing is that they aren't left enough...)


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