Wednesday, May 27, 2020

NYC Woman Falsely Accuses Man Of Threatening Her Life

This nut job should go to jail. 
   She falsely accused him--to the cops--of threatening her (and her little dog, too...). A woman can ruin a man's life with an accusation like that.
   Of course people like de Blasio are saying things like "this is racism, plain and simple"--but that's clearly in no way clear. She says he's "an African-American man." Which he, apparently is. Is it sexist for her to identify him as a man? She said nothing at all about his race other than describing it accurately. And in which of the following cases would she have been more likely to have acted similarly:
A black woman was recording her.
A white man was recording her.
   I mean, racism could have been an element. But--contrary to the invariable progressive/media assertions about such cases--it's neither clear nor simple.
   Even though sex was much more likely to be a factor than race, that doesn't make it sexism. Men commit most of the violent crimes against women. By sound induction women are more concerned about encountering men under such conditions. The should be more concerned. But, similarly, black men are more likely to commit violence--including violence against women--than white men. So, again: sound inductive grounds for concern. Therefore: not clearly racism.
   She wasn't necessarily wrong to be concerned about a strange man recording her, either--apparently that's a perverted thing some perverts do. 
   What was appalling about her actions was that she made psychotic, false accusations against him--and ones that could have ruined his life. Not that he was black.
   Also: he seems to have been acting in a perfectly reasonable manner. That makes her actions worse.
   Also also: she seems to have been violating the park rules, so he'd be justified in accosting her about it and recording her.
   And another thing: she's dragging her dog around by the neck! Now, dogs can sometimes get so out of control that you have to control them forcefully... And that dog is clearly not well-trained. But damn...take the time to train him. And don't hang the little guy. But: something like that can put even a reasonable person on the edge.
   Anyway: It's relevant to note that the left is just fine with psychotic, false accusations that can ruin someone's life--so long as they are not made against people high in the progressive stack. False accusations of racism are the stock-in-trade of the contemporary progressive left--they are the source of much of its current power. And false accusations are absolutely central to the "believe (all) women" thing. Several feminists went on record as saying that they were just fine with false accusations against men.  In fact: remember how, a couple of years back, there was no such thing as a false rape accusation? Then they were vanishingly rare? But there's no particularly good reason to think that's true--as the Kavanaugh case(s) (and many others) have shown. 
   False accusations--especially extremely consequential ones--are wrong. They're wrong when Central Park dog lady makes them, and wrong when progressives do it. They're always wrong. Central Park dog lady deserves disapprobation. But, then: so does, basically, the entire progressive movement... So let's use this as an opportunity to reflect on the general wrongness of such accusations.
   Finally: it wouldn't surprise me a lot if Central Park dog lady is a bitchy nut. But it also wouldn't surprise me if her dog's extreme misbehavior put her on the edge--because I've been there. Look at how that little guy is spazzing out. That could have been a reaction to her bullshit, or it could have been a cause of it, or both. Add in a strange man suddenly recording her...stressful.
   OTOH, she kinda sounds like someone used to getting her way, and intolerant of peasants with the temerity to refuse her commands...and she does describe him as "an African-American man" rather than just a man... OTOOH, he is an African-American man...
   Anyway. Progressives looove an opportunity to virtue signal--especially an opportunity to accuse someone of racism. So they, as usual, leapt at this on. And there is a non-negligible chance that race played an unjustified role. But it's hardly the clear, simple case it's being made out to be. But at a time when patently non-racist things are routinely represented as racist, gray-area cases are going to be represented as being beyond all doubt.


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