Thursday, May 14, 2020

Jonathan Chait: LALALALALALALA I Am Not Listening To You

Remember when Chait used to be good? 
   I think the progressives beat it out of him a couple of years back when he dared to question Saint Ta-Nehisi of Coates. 
   Thus tamed, he's now just another progressive hack screaming "Orange Man Bad" at every opportunity.
Well, this is a slight variation on the theme--yet another piece from the left pretending to be able to conclusively prove there's no there there in Russiagategate.
   Nothing to see here, citizen!
   Just keep moving...right back to your house where you are to "shelter"...
   No investigation necessary.
   Of course anybody can see that we are far short of conclusive proof that Obama did anything illegal. All we know is: it didn't take much to reveal that there were a whole lotta shenanigans that stink to high heaven. Well, lower-middle heaven anyway. Maybe that's all there is. Maybe a lot is misleading. Maybe all sorts of things. But the leftists who insisted that there was no possibility that Russiagate was nothing are now insisting that there is no possibility that Russiagategate is anything.
   There's prima facie evidence of shenanigans of an extremely serious kind. It is very unlikely that there is any possibility of finding the whole truth of the matter on the basis of a few, preliminary bits of evidence. So there needs to be an investigation. Which there already is. The Durham investigation is proceeding. My view on this is the same as my long-standing view on the Mueller investigation: wait for the goddamn results. 
   Of course, well before the Mueller report actually "dropped" (as all the kids say now), IMO it became very clear that Russiagate was a pathetic fraud. That conclusion seemed so obvious that I abandoned my wait-and-seeing. In this case, say again: wait and see...but that doesn't mean turn your brain off. Even just the preliminary evidence looks worse than I could have guessed. Especially to someone, like me, who invested a fair bit of faith in Obama--especially in his character. But concerns are not proof. So wait and see.
   I suppose Chait could say the same: I'll wait, but it looks like a joke at this point. That seems wrong to me--but I do hope he's right. If he's not, then this isn't quite the America we thought it was. And I've had more than enough of American turning out to be not quite what I thought it was for one lifetime.
   So I'll wait and see...unless, hilariously, my WuFlu skepticism gets me killed before I can see. You've gotta admit, that would be pretty damn hilarious...


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