Wednesday, May 20, 2020

It Must Hurt (Esp: Journalists) To Have To Admit: Jerry Falwell Jr. Was Right

    And that dude always seems drunk to me when I see him on the teevee.
   I'm also back to thinking that Trump was pretty damn right when he suggested reopening on Easter. Almost certainly righter than our cultural betters who think we should stay locked down indefinitely.  
   That's one of the weird things about Trump: when it comes to actual things--i.e.: when it comes to things other than running his mouth or Twittering--dude actually has pretty damn good judgment. Which shouldn't be much of a surprise, given that he's a billionaire. Contrary to what many people on the blue team think (and explicitly say): dude has strengths as well as weaknesses. Anybody who thinks he has no strengths and has no virtues just isn't paying attention to the guy. 
   He's not exactly my cup of tea...but, TBH, he's a better president than you'd be likely get if you randomly sampled academia--especially the humanities and social sciences. A very large percentage of academicians would absolutely flip their shit if you said that to them...but it's absolutely true and no doubt about it. He at least has the virtue of not being brainwashed since the age of 18... That alone is worth an enormous amount.
   Also, I've heard a lot of blue types say--and I used to say myself--that Trump was a chump and if he'd just have put his inheritance in a savings account he'd be richer than he actually is. I have no idea whether that's true. But here's something I'd be willing to bet on: what he actually did was much harder than being a professor--especially in the humanities or social sciences. Let's say that all he managed to do is tread water, i.e. keep his billion dollars or whatever. You think that's easy? I don't. 


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