Tuesday, May 26, 2020

In These Difficult and Fortean Times...

8% of people believe the Illuminati conspiracy? 
9% believe chemtrail theory?
23% believe the U.S. gub'mint has proof of extraterrestrial visitation, but is hiding it? Eh, maybe.
Apparently 10% believe in Bigfoot...and Faux News viewers are 5 times more likely to believe than...normal people... CNN: 6%; MSDNC: 8%; Fox: 39%!!! Jeez, that's gotta tell you somethin', doesn't it? I've rarely watched Fox. Is it really that much crazier than CNN and MSDNC??? That's pretty hard to believe, because they're godawful... But it could be.
And shouldn't faking the moon landing be higher than 4%? Isn't that more likely than the Illuminati stuff? 
Also: I guess they think we faked all of the moon landings? Or just Apollo 11?


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