Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Hemmingway: GOP Should Stop Cowering Before Bad-Faith Race-Card Attacks

   The left's mindless, indiscriminate, false and irresponsible accusations of prejudice--especially racism--are one of the biggest political-cultural problems we currently have. It's the modern equivalent of "She's a witch!" 
   Though also: they aren't nearly all cynical, bad-faith accusations. Many of them are sincere--loony, but sincere. And that's an even bigger problem.
   I also agree with her that the Pubs have to work to do more for lagging minority groups. As I've often said, there are tangible, thus-far-damnably-intractable problems like the low net worth of black families and the academic achievement gap that we really have to figure out how to crack. Hysterical screeching about 'Wuhan virus' and other such groundless complaints have no place in serious public discussions. Also more interesting are the very cogent arguments that liberal policies and obsessions have made things worse for lagging minority groups. There are weighty reasons to believe that welfare policies contributed significantly to the decline of the black family, as well as very powerful reasons to believe that lies and spin by the progressive media have created the myth that white people--especially white cops--are out there gunning down black people indiscriminately. Not only is that false, there can't be any doubt that it's especially harmful to blacks. In general, the progressive myth of pervasive, "systemic" racism cannot but be harmful to everyone, but to blacks in particular. Then, of course, there are the counterproductivity arguments: it's very difficult to keep real, actual problems about race in clear focus in the face of repeated, irrational, unfair, indiscriminate and false accusations of racism. It's hard to keep the threat of real wolves firmly in mind and clearly in focus when everybody on the left side of town is constantly and falsely crying "wolf!" 


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