Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Trump Temporarily Halts Immigration

   Somehow I hadn't really focused on the fact that we're still permitting travel from a lot of places. I think I'd somehow tacitly been thinking there was no nonessential travel into the U.S. So I thought an immigration hiatus would follow from that. 
   If you care about American workers...and nobody does anymore...except insofar as the Dems care about support from unions...you'd throttle back on immigration in a longer-term way. I see the rationale for Trump's proclamation, but it strikes me as just another case of a politician using the crisis as an excuse for doing something he wanted to do anyway. And an abrupt, total ban seems draconian. There are people out there who've basically built their recent lives around their immigration schedule. 
   I'm sure almost nobody knows whether this is actually a good idea or not, since almost nobody knows much about immigration policy. But it sounds rather like a kind of mean-spirited stunt. Even if it isn't, that's the way it will be represented.
   Given the looming economic crisis, including skyrocketing unemployment, it could be a good idea. Just dunno.


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