Monday, April 20, 2020

Trump Emits More Inaccuracies; Media Emits More BS "Fact" Checks

I really don't know which is worse.
   Trump said he "inherited" bad WuFlu tests...but they were developed during his administration!
Of course, he had nothing to do with it, and probably means that he "inherited"--i.e. got stuck with them--from the CDC...but never mind.
   Then there's this one:
He falsely claimed, again, that "nobody ever thought" there would be a crisis like this; there were years of warnings.
So...some people warned generally that we could have a pandemic some day...probably from China...sorry...CHI-NA...because that's where they usually come from...though it's stigmo-xeno-racifying to admit it...  Anyway. Some people noted that it was a real and relevant possibility. They warned us. More-or-less like some people are doing for all sorts of disasters. Asteroid strikes. Yellowstone supervolcano. Rogue AI. High-energy solar flares. Global cooling. EMPs. Local GRBs... And lesser bad things like the bursting of the academic bubble, another housing crisis. If one of these happened, it'd be pretty much ok to say "nobody every thought it would happen." Which means: We knew it was possible, but we didn't really think it would happen. Which is true. Even though some people did think it would happen. "There were warnings" doesn't exactly show that it isn't true that nobody ever thought it would happen.
And he falsely claimed, again, that his travel restrictions on China and Europe, for which he exempted large groups of travelers, amounted to a complete "ban."
   Did he say "ban" or "complete ban"? Because those are different. The media and progressives (but I repeat myself) routinely say that we have "a Muslim ban" though it applies to fewer than 10 of the world's 50 Muslim countries--and not the biggest ones. Though he should have implemented a total ban...
Trump also claimed that all of the people protesting against pandemic restrictions have stood six feet apart from each other. Some have not.
See?!?!?!?!? SOME HAVE NOT!!!! SOOOOOMMMME!!!!!!11111
   It's bad that he speaks like he does. He bullshits. Sometimes he even lies. He speaks so imprecisely and inarticulately that half the time I can't even really tell what he's trying to say. (CNN: HALF the time? HE SAID HALF!!!!) He's a wreck. He's really not up to the job, IMO. He deserves criticism. Which excuses the media's shittiness to some extent, I think. But not near all of it. In a choice between Trump and the complex of illiberal, progressive interests that are arrayed against him...which includes the's in no way clear that the former is the shittiest nor the most dangerous of our shitty, dangerous options. Which doesn't excuse Trump's craptastic inaccuracies...but it does put them in perspective in a way.


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