Monday, April 20, 2020

Should We Aim To Keep The Mortality Rate At Average?

Other things being equal, would that be a reasonable benchmark?
I was reading (though I'm too lazy to look for the link) that our monthly mortality rate is currently below average--which wouldn't be that surprising given that nobody's doing anything.
Seems like if, say, we could resume all economic activity and bring the mortality rate up to normal, we could, perhaps, call it a draw. Or even maybe a win.
Seems like it'd be worth it also to accept a somewhat higher death rate if we could resume all economic activity.
After that, it's a matter for economists to figure out.
Of course epidemiological types are worried not only about current death rates, but future ones.
Still...seems like every day that both the mortality rate and the GDP are below average constitutes evidence of overreaction. (Does daily GDP make sense?)


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