Monday, April 27, 2020

NYT Still Flogging The "Trump Said Inject Disinfectant" Lie

   It's not exactly a lie--his comments were garbled and indeterminate enough that some people undoubtedly actually convinced themselves that that's what he said. So, at least to some extent, it's a mistake. Hell, I thought that's what he was saying the first time I listened to it. Of course the NYT crowd desperately wants him to say things like their errors are largely motivated errors.
   Anyway, for those of us interested in figuring out the real Trump rather than the Straw Trump, the interesting question is: why would he muse (as Birx has insightfully characterized it) under such conditions? In a press conference about a pandemic? It just seems dumb, foolish and irresponsible. I actually don't think it's a terribly big deal. It's a drop in the bucket of evidence we have that he's not temperamentally suited to the job. If it were his only misstep, it'd be nothing. But he just doesn't seem to be capable of sustaining the kind of gravitas required by the job. Or, at least, it doesn't come naturally to him.
   Of course we are, to some extent, talking about our decision in November. And that decision is largely comparative. And the other guys have lost it. Their demeanor is uniformly better. And demeanor and temperament really do matter. But not as much as genuine substance. And despite the superficial trappings of reasonability, the blues are currently unacceptable on that score. It's bad enough that they've lost contact with reality on so many points...but to conjoin that with a commitment to "big, sweeping, systematic change"... That's not merely a blueprint for disaster, it's virtually an ideological commitment to it.


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