Monday, April 20, 2020

It's Permissible To Be Skeptical About Lockdowns

   I'm certainly skeptical.
   I'd think anyone would be given the experts' pandemic track record thus far...
But skeptical doesn't mean certain it's the wrong strategy.
   I'm still staying mostly on my own property, though not making any effort to stay inside. And I'm staying back from anyone I encounter when, say, walking the dog. I also keep the dog away from other people and other dogs, just in case the virus really does survive on surfaces significantly. I go out seldom, wear a mask, shed clothes and take a shower when I come back (If I've been around anybody). If we bring back groceries, we leave them in the car, put the ozone generator in there and let it run for at least ten minutes. I'd bet this is overkill. But we do it.
   I don't necessarily trust my judgment about such things. I have little doubt that the collective judgment of my fellow citizens is significantly better than mine. So I remain relatively compliant so long as they do.
   Also, I've had some kind of bronchitis or some crap for 5 freakin' weeks. I've had three videoconferences with my GP, and he continues to think there's basically no chance I have the plague. I agree. But I'm not wild about having a potential lung-based "comorbidity." Anyway, given all that, I have to be extra-careful on my own behalf.
   Anyhoo… Skepticism seems to me to be the rational position at this point. But skepticism is consistent with "watchful waiting."


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