Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Even A Pandemic Can't Quiet The Climate Change Fanatics

   First, how is it that the abject failure--and hyperbolic pessimism--of the WuFlu models haven't given these people any pause? Their faith in the--already and repeatedly disconfirmed--climate models is undiminished. Fortunately, a lot of ordinary people will be more rational about it.
   Second, seems much less likely that we'll be having a go at the Green New Deal than it did two months ago. The state of the economy and the stimulus spending probably means that there's no way that we're going to scrape up the money needed to achieve the requisite reductions in the next ten years. But we've been told (by activists, not scientists) that if we don't get it done before then, we'll hit a tipping point, and it's all over. Since it's not going to happen now, might as well chill out and hope for the best.
   However, the GND is not actually a climate-change plan. Mitigating climate change is just an aspect of the thing. It's a plan to push the U.S. toward a socialist economy, and to implement progressive social policies, including full employment. It's really more like a jobs plan than a climate plan. So actually--dishonest and idiotic as the thing is--at least it would make some kind of sense, if, say, we do slip into a depression. That's how I'd start selling it if I were the left. Climate change was always just a stalking horse anyway.


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