Thursday, March 19, 2020

Why No COVID-19 in Africa?

Man, I thought those guys were gonna be toast. This is some of the best news we've gotten about this thing.
But why is Africa dodging the bullet?
For one thing, Wuhan virus and similar pathogens don't seem to last as long on surfaces in hot, humid places, apparently.
Of course, Africans may also be less susceptible to the thing. The rejection of that hypothesis at the end of the article is so peremptory and frantic that it made me take the hypothesis seriously again, actually. The powers that be really, really, really, really don't want races to be differentially affected. Lysenkoism is the order of the day. There was a rumor (largely among Asians) that the virus hit Asians harder. There was apparently a rumor (among blacks?) that it hit blacks less hard. Both have been frantically dismissed--the latter by pointing to the sole case of Idris Elba...which of course proves virtually nothing.
   I don't particularly think that races are affected differentially. I don't have a right to an opinion about such a thing. I'm not epidemiologist, obvs. Thing is, we have good reason to believe that the information would be suppressed even if they were. Findings inconsistent with progressive dogma find it more difficult to see the light of day.
   Anyway: I'd been imagining all sorts of nightmare scenarios in Africa, so it's good to hear they'll likely not manifest themselves.


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