Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Dems/Left On China And Russia

So for three years the blue team has ceaselessly yammered about Russia, blaming it for everything, seeing Rooskies under every bed, outright making up utterly preposterous tales about it.
   China is an actual threat, is in the process of conducting genocide, murders people to harvest their organs, has now actually inflicted a plague on the world via lies and ineptitude...and has, consequently, crashed our economy...and the blue team (including its ministry of propaganda, the MSM) is mouthing its propaganda, singing its praises...even shrieking incessantly that we must be sure to refer to the plague they've inflicted on us in PC terms approved by the CCP so as to in no way offend the inflictors nor possibly cast them in a bad light.
   This is not a case in which the truth is somewhere midway between two equally errant poles.


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