Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Leftists Continue To Falsely Insist That "Wuhan Coronavirus," "Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus," "The Chinese Virus" Etc. Are Racist

This is so ridiculous it doesn't even warrant a response.
   No one worth talking to could possibly believe it. But the same thing can be said about the vast majority of progressive claims about racism--especially with respect to language. They form preferences for certain terms and aversions to others partially on the basis of inarticulate impressions, and partially on the basis of what they think will advance their political ends. Oh yeah: and they are totalitarians, so they loooove telling people what to do--that's an end in itself; and they think their control over the lives of others should be able to penetrate into every corner of those lives.
   Also: their new favorite word is 'stigma.' It's vague enough that they can throw it around without any sort of proof. It's one step up, in that respect, from 'problematic.'
   Also: the WHO and CDC have no authority in these matters. They may (though may not--I'm not sure how this works) have some authority to settle this issue with respect to their own preferred terminology. The very fact that they have wasted time on this question shows that they've been converged, i.e. corrupted. The progs are in the wire. They're on the inside, convincing these organizations to waste time and energy on such questions, and to adopt progressive idiocy. (There've been a couple of posts in the rightosphere lately about how far converged these organizations have become.) They probably have the power to determine what is, in some sense at least, the "official" name of the virus and the disease. But we're free to note that they've deviated from previous naming conventions--conventions that are in no way racist, and that haven't even been accused of it previously so far as I know. The same conventions that countenanced 'Spanish Flu,' 'Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever,' 'Lyme Disease,' and 'West Nile Virus' indicate that something like 'Wuhan coronavirus' should be the name for this new one. We're free to note that their decision is political--and stupid. And to ignore it. And we're free to call it what we like--especially if what we call it is consistent with conventions.
   Again: this is the sort of thing progressives waste time on. They become so attached to their irrational dogmas that they're willing to waste time and energy on this during what they also insist is basically the apocalypse.
   The case against this stupidity is strong enough that we needn't also note that the left is, yet again, carrying water for the ChiComms...a term that the left has itself been described as a "racial slur" by the left. Even though it's a description of their political/governmental/economic structure and commitments, and has more-or-less nothing to do with race. Even 'the Chinese Wuhan virus' needn't have anything to do with race. And even if it did, it still isn't racist--is merely descriptive. I'm not really interested in this argument, I'm interested in the previous ones, which are more important. But I'll admit: anyone who is somehow still on the fence about the values and commitments and tendencies of the left should probably consider this informal alliance. The left likes to falsely assert that the right is somehow in bed with the Russians--even though that's all been debunked six ways from Sunday. So it's particularly, humorously noteworthy that they're so far in bed with red China.


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