Monday, March 23, 2020

Dems Play Politics With The Economy, Lose Their Own Propaganda Arm / WaPo Used 'Chinese Virus'

I can't exactly tell what's going on, but my impression is that this kinda is on the Dems. Pelosi was on vacation, there were three days of frantic negotiations in her absence, she comes back and--seemingly peremptorily--puts the kibosh on the plan. I'm not insensitive to the Democratic concerns...and God knows whether it's even a good plan...and I haven't been and probably am not capable of following the details. So it's just an impression, but: even trying to ignore my prevailing disgust and anger at the new, loony Democrats...this seems like it's largely on them. I mean...if even the NYT is willing to say that, it must be fairly clear.
   Though: what, are the Pubs Keynesians now?
   Also: I can't believe how totally racist the Washington Post is...


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