Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Cognitive 'Decoupling" (Also: Eugenics)

I guess I'm beyond being a "decoupler"...I can barely even believe that anyone can confuse e.g.:
(a) Eugenics is possible
(b) Eugenics is good.
By inclination and by training...I just don't get it.
(My jaw is actually hanging open a bit right now... I mean.. I just do not get it.)
I'm so derisive of such conflations that I usually--even when I manage to realize that some idiots out there would conflate (a) and (b) I might say--as a matter of principle refuse to "perform the ritual" that Chivers suggests. That is, I refuse to say things of the form By (a) I don't mean (b).
   Anyway, a whole lot of such conflation is politically or philosophically or culturally motivated--it's a matter of political correctness. If you say (a), the PCs will scream that you obviously really meant (b). But if you say (b) they probably won't scream that you obviously really (just) meant (a). The conflation is only one-way. So it's not really a conflation. It's a kind of ideological inference. The PCs always either automatically leap to some bad inference when their opponents/enemies are involved. It's partially automatic, but partially intentional. They just expect and want their opponents/enemies (for all opponents are enemies to them) to believe and mean terrible things.
   As Peirce tells us: the rational thing for me to do if you say something ambiguous or similarly unclear is to ask you to clarify. If you say something that could mean x or could mean y, I should as: Did you mean x or y? If someone they dislike says something similarly ambiguous, the PCs will leap to--or simply make up--the worst available interpretation and screechily attribute it to that person.
   So it's no really a failure to "decouple"...it's intentional, ideologically-motivated coupling. This is a crazy, unfair, irrational modus operandi...but, then, political extremists tend to be crazy, unfair, and antirational. And PC leftists are nothing if not extremist.


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