Saturday, March 28, 2020

By Progressive Standards (Accepted By Biden), We Should Believe Biden's Accuser And He Should Step Down

It's a crazy standard--but that's what it entails.
   Of course any hint of consistency is the hobgoblin of politically incorrect minds.
   One wonders how this could come as any kind of a surprise to the progressive left. Even someone who could accept such a nutty standard must recognize that it could be easily turned against his own side.
   Furthermore, I don't think that the old argument invariably cited in such contexts is relevant any longer: accusers are not longer embarrassed, dismissed and vilified. Or, even though they may be by some, they are heroified by others--typically progressives. Blasey Ford was practically canonized. She was nominated for the distinguished alumna award at Carolina. Even when it became virtually undeniable that she lied, it had no effect on her reputation on the left. She also seems to have hauled in a lot of money as a consequence of her performance. And far from being doubted, the left has established an internal standard according to which they are automatically believed--and screeched at everyone else that they must adopt it as well.
   As usual, the extremist left takes a complicated issue and insists that we must pretend that it's simple. The apply their extremist take the matter, ignoring one set of arguments and exaggerating the strength of the other. Extremists gonna extreme.
   At any rate: I have no idea how progressives are going to deal with this problem. I guess it's a bit like the problem Trump posed for evangelicals. Those guys seem to have squelched their cognitive dissonance pretty effectively.


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