Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Left Wants Whites To Be A Minority; And They Are Dedicated To Squelching Discussion Of This Goal

Here's Biden--allegedly a moderate. Certainly too conservative for a large percentage of progressives.
   This should send you to red alert. I view this the same way I'd view someone saying that he wanted to make blacks a smaller minority. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to think that reducing whites to a minority is good. The only two reasonable positions I can see are (1) wanting to maintain something like our current (and largely successful) demographic mix, and (2) indifference to our demographic mix.
   The left likes to speak of "the browning of America." It's important to realize--as I've said before--that this isn't merely a prediction--it's a goal. They aim to turn whites into a minority, and they think it will be good when this happens.
   Now...this would be an extremely weird goal even if it weren't combined with anti-white racism, overt hostility to American and Western culture, and political self-interest. But, of course, it is largely conjoined with those things. The farther one goes toward the left, the more common they become and the more openly they're expressed. Even Rorty acknowledged this sort of thing (in Achieving Our Country).
   I don't have a fixed view of these matters, except for this one: the issues must be discussed openly. But the left--per its M.O.--seeks to stifle any open discussion of them by using its Master Argument: That's Racist!
   And here's one of the most important principles to keep in mind when reflecting on the contemporary left: when someone wants to stifle open, rational discussion, it's because they're up to no good--and know they can't win in open debate.
   And as for "diversity is our strength"--it's false and sheer propaganda. Of course it means "diversity" is our sole strength. Which isn't true, and isn't anywhere near the truth. Nothing is our sole strength. Having a good demographic mix is probably one of America's advantages. Probably not in the top five, but probably a pretty big one. Certainly not as important as freedom, rationalist Western culture, science, democratic republicanism, good government, social cohesion...
   Anyway, none of the specifics matter that much.
   What really matters is this: the left seeks to fundamentally re-engineer the nation (and the world), and in order to achieve their goals, they must stifle speech and discussion. We must not allow them to do so. If, after long, dedicated, free and open public debate, we conclude that one or more of their plans is worth trying, then so be it. But no such goals can be adopted in the absence of such debate.


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