Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bernie: Netanyahu's A Rectionary Racist

I know f*ck-all about Israel. Except that they're basically the worst ally we could have. I mean...I tend to like 'em fine in and of themselves. But they're a shit ally.
So I don't know whether Bernie's right or not. He could be for all I know.
Except progressives' accusations of racism are utterly worthless. They're as indiscriminate--and as rational--as monkeys flinging shit. The safest bet is that the accuser is full of shit in any given situation.
Though Bernie's a socialist and no so much of an identity-politics type.
But he's been sucked into all sorts of crazy pathologies of progressivism that he didn't seem naturally inclined toward--like climate hysteria.
And, of course: you're an asshole if you falsely or irresponsibly accuse someone of racism or any other such thing.


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