Sunday, January 26, 2020

Will Hard-Left Progressive Dems Force Dem Candidates To Eschew Private Jets?

If so, that's a big advantage for the Pubs.
   It's a little silly to bust on a candidate for using private jets when he's trying to accomplish something that would give him the authority to implement massive carbon-emissions cuts. Any Dem who wins this year will likely be able to mandate enough cuts to far outweigh emissions from the flights that allowed him (or her) to win. These sorts of purity hoops seem penny wise and pound foolish to me--if you accept climate hysteria. It's basically the same sort of silliness that motivated the mean green tween to sail around the Atlantic rather than flying coach.
   OTOH, there's no excuse for movie starts to fly to Davos at all. Much less on a private jet. That, again, is the sort of thing that makes it clear that even they don't believe their own bullshit. Ergo we certainly needn't.
   Anyway--it'll certainly be an advantage for Trump to be able to fly freely if the Dems have to minimize private flights to keep their carbon-hyseriac base from abandoning them.


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