Friday, January 03, 2020

"Why Iraq Is Much Worse Than 'Trump's Benghazi'"

This seems about right to me, unfortunately.
I don't actually understand Iran's role in Iraq and the embassy attack. It's possible that this response was proportionate/reasonable. But, on the face of it, to someone who only knows what I know, it seems dangerously escalatory. Is failure to respond really an option for Iran?
   I basically agreed with Obama's approach to Iran. And I've long thought that the road to victory there went through fostering better relations with the Iranian people.
   I don't deserve much of an opinion on this, but I'm concerned it could be huge mistake. And generally the kind of mistake I was most worried about from Trump from the beginning--an incautious, impetuous, reckless move in foreign policy.
   Warren's screeching is just background noise to me--wasn't she screeching earlier about how terrible it was to leave Syria? But ushering in a Warren presidency could be an even bigger catastrophe than sparking a hot war with Iran.


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