Saturday, January 04, 2020

Petraeus: A Very Favorable Assessment Of The Decision To Kill Suleimani

In short:
  • A calculated decision to take out a target even more significant than Osama bin Laden. 
  • Iran is not in a strong position from which to retaliate. 
  • This may "reestablish deterrence." 
Overall, I've got to say: if you get outside the NYT/WaPo/MSM bubble, it sounds like Trump made a pretty reasonable call.
Another thing to keep in mind: it's not like Trump, after the embassy attack, said "Let's take out Suleimani." Undoubtedly what happened was that some generals and/or other policy types floated the proposal, and Trump ok'd it. Undoubtedly it's been an idea in the air for a long time.
Imagine how different the elite/MSM response would have been had Obama or HRC made such a decision. It would likely have been stunning and brave.


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