Monday, January 20, 2020

Is The Second Amendment Day Of Lobbying In Richmond Being Set Up?

   There certainly are reasons for thinking that the answer is in the affirmative. Keep in mind that Democrats and the media aren't exactly two separate entities--they're both aspects of a multi-faceted, on-a-trajectory-toward-totalitarian progressivism. And both are working to promote the idea that this is somehow an analog of Charlottesville, and that the Second Amendment advocates are analogs of the Unite the Right attendees. The right tends toward conspiracy theories, IMO, and they particularly tend toward "false flag" theories.* And obviously the participation of Antifa is suspicious. So there are rumors of Antifa false flags, plans to attack anti-firearm counter-protestors. Seems to me that, were Pantifa planning such a thing, it wouldn't also admit to attending the rally. But Pantifa is a loose collection of kooks, not a tightly-organized group. So I guess the other is possible.
   Progressivism's more-or-less only argument is you're a racist. But since rhetorical escalation is always required, they've upped that to You're a white supremacist. And they've deployed that one and only argument from the beginning against the VCDL et al.
   Jonny Quest suddenly insisted, yesterday, that we needed to get ourselves down to Richmond, but I just can't work it in. Conservative Yoda argued forcefully that we shouldn't do it--he thinks a disaster is a real possibility.
   I think what we really need to worry about is progressive control of the public "narrative" (I really hate that term). They have a supply of tales they tell to achieve their ends. One of them is that everyone on the right is a racist. Another is that everyone who owns a gun is a white supremacist. You'd think at least the first one would be absurd enough not to work. But you'd think wrong. Seems to me that liberalism, when we had it, was particularly concerned to undermine such brainwashing. Progressivism, on the other hand, simply wants to make sure that it, rather than the other side, is the one that controls how our brains are washed.

* I don't think the right is any more prone to conspiracy theories than the left; in fact, if anything, they're less so. As usual, they're not as sophisticated about it. No conservative conspiracy theory gets taught in schools, so far as I know, nor treated as fact in the media--whereas an enormous number of left-wing conspiracy theories do--everything from "the patriarchy" to Russiagate…


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