Saturday, January 04, 2020

Callers Allegedly Threaten To Burn Down D.C. Restaurant For Having Drag Shows

See now this is bullshit.
Adult dudes wanna get dressed up as women and dance around, and other adults wanna watch 'em: totally fine. If you don't like it, mind your own business.
"Drag queen story hour" for kids at the public library--that's a different matter.
It is, however, no surprise that these grotesque efforts to pull kids into the world of drag queens has generated a backlash. In addition to everything else, no one who's honest and paying attention thinks that the left ever settles for whatever degree of social disruption it's accomplished at any given moment. The recognition that whatever is happening on such fronts currently is also precursor to what will be happening a month or a year from needn't be a reactionary to be concerned.
None of which means that adult dudes shouldn't be able to dress up like women on private property for the entertainment of other adults.


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