Tuesday, December 17, 2019

"White Supremacy In The Classroom"

I only watched the presentation once, but didn't see a bit of "white supremacy" in it. Much of it is straightforwardly factual (e.g. white birthrates are declining, progressives promote high levels of immigration, and the latter is often represented as a solution to the former). Later the presentation wanders into speculative and dicey territory. He seems to endorse some proposals guaranteed to piss many people off and to be unwelcome at universities--e.g. it'd be cheaper if we subsidized self-deportations for immigrants living on the dole. But that has nothing to do with race. Certainly there's no indication that the presenter holds any view about racial superiority.
   Many of these are ideas promoted by racists and white supremacists (actual ones). But, again: the fact that bad people believe something doesn't make it false. If the kid is wrong, deploy some facts or find a hole in his argument and refute him. Don't just shriek racist! The university seemed to deal with it pretty well--except for using it as an opportunity to deploy more "diversity and inclusion" propaganda. The two worst things in play here are: the irrational screeching at the kid for wrongthink instead of addressing the content of his presentation, and the mindless "diversity and inclusion" brainwashing. Which should also be addressed critically, but never is. Instead of rational discussion of either thing, the kid's ideas are mindlessly rejected and vilified, and the diversity propaganda is mindlessly accepted. If both were addressed rationally, everybody would learn some interesting things.


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