Tuesday, December 24, 2019

VA Dems Aim To Outlaw Suburban, Single-Family House Zoning

   First, this is a real idea that is popular on the cutting edge of the left--and, apparently, back somewhat behind the cutting edge. It's not some isolated quirk--it's part of a real, living, moving set of ideas that aim to force people to adopt the urban mode of life that progressivism prefers. (And prefers for partially aesthetic reasons.) (The inescapable locution in academia is "the city;" if I have to see one more call for papers about "the city" I'm going to...well...complain about it, I guess.)
   Second, this is the kind of totalitarian nonsense that, in a sane world, would, by itself, sink the left. But here in clown world, they have so many absurd balls in the air that this one probably merits little attention.
   The point of this is to destroy, by legislation, a mode of life elements of the left detest. Presumably there will be some analog somewhere down the line that outlaws rural life as well. The justification presumably will be: global warming or suchlike. (But remember...Agenda 21 is just a conservative conspiracy theory...) This, IMO, says a lot about the contemporary progressive left. It detests the modes of life that have evolved by embodying and fulfilling the actual choices and compromises had and made by actual, ordinary people. These real, evolved choices and compromises don't comport with theoretical, speculative, totalitarian leftist preferences--nor with fevered fantasies about the apocalypse du jour, global warming-which-of-course-includes-cooling. These politically incorrect modes of life must be destroyed. You will live next door to a public housing unit, bigot. That is: until we can make everybody live in such units. It's not "equitable" that some people can find ways to live in less-crowded, more pleasant places. Everyone must be equally miserable.
   They've already pushed this sort of thing through elsewhere. Don't think it can't happen, and don't think it can't happen here. NoVa controls us all now. The leftist ideal is a future in which it micromanages everything about our lives, and everything about us is made politically correct. One of my friends has a tendency to dismiss criticisms of crazy leftist policies by saying they're "merely aspirational." My response tends to be: they're bad aspirations.


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