Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Too Much Not-Entirely-Jokey Chatter About Shooting Guardsmen If They Try To Confiscate Guns

   I think we're living in dangerous times, as I guess I've made clear. The left rules the culture, and has gone mad
   I take questions about high-fire-rate, high-capacity firearms very seriously. I don't think I have any special insight into or expertise relevant to the issue. I think additional controls, including registration, might be reasonable--so long as they're in accordance with Heller etc., of course. Though, as I've said, I don't think we should consider them right now.
   I like to joke around about the boog and claymore rumbas and whatnot as much as the next dumbass, dipshit, tendy-eatin' honorary autist. And yeah, I realize that we're not completely kidding. We're kidding on the square. Which is what's worrisome.
   I'm very concerned about what's happening in the OD. After years of working to flip it blue, the goal for which I worked has only been accomplished as the blue team loses its mind. Shows what I know. That'll teach me to try to do things. You'd think philosophers would know enough to know that they don't know about practical matters. But nooo….
   I'm very concerned about the totalitarian left, obviously, and about how far its madness has permeated into the relative center of the blue team. Northam never struck me as an extremist. Hell, I voted for the guy. Dumbass that I am.
   At any rate. I'm down with joking about basically anything. But let's not accidentally get serious about shooting our countrymen, even if they're doing the wrong thing. Before we even think about that kind of craziness, it should be civil disobedience for us. Haul your gats down to Court Square and make the cops take 'em away and throw you in jail. They can't jail all of us. They can't even come close to that. And they won't do it. Too many cops, and too many guys in the Guard are on our side. Don't give in, but don't turn it up to 11 just yet.
   And having so said, I also say:


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