Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Fictitious Trump "Pee Tape": Imagine If That Tale Had Been Deployed Against Obama

There is absolutely no doubt that it would have been described as racist. I'm not sure how, because I'm not good at making up leftist bullshit--but leftists are. It'd likely go something like "blah blah black sexuality..." or "blah blah black men something something white women...". Lefties can fabricate this kind of thing on a dime. This sort of improvisational political jazz is absolutely central to the NPC left.
   Come to think of it, the entire Russiagate conspiracy theory / hoax--had it been directed at Obama--would almost certainly have been represented by the left as racist. Or, if against Clinton: as sexist. (Imagine the pee tape story directed against a woman!) Again, I don't know what the details would be like...but that doesn't matter. The details are incidental. The point is: we know what the endpoint would have looked like. The endpoint for the NPC left is always racism! or some rough equivalent thereof from their boilerplate list. The rest is reverse engineering.


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