Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Progressivism Has Lost Its Mind: More On The *OK* Hand Sign / Army-Navy Game

Lord, save us from the sanctimonious, progressive bullshit of the NYT.
   The hand sign meaning ok looks, of course, like this:

4Chan made up a story about it meaning 'white power'. Get it?:

Why? Because progressivism has lost its mind and thinks everything is racist. To be a progressive today, you have to have a broken bullshit detector. No thinking person needs this proven to him anymore. It is manifest. But the autists at 4chan like to plumb the depths of progressive gullibility, making their crack-brainedness even more painfully obvious. Anyone who'd believe such a thing is a complete idiot.
   Incidentally, I'm making the OK hand sign right....now! I'm doing it! I'm making the forbidden sign!!! Call the thought police...or hand-sign police...or whoever's in charge of handcrime! And I do it all the time, ironically, with one of my friends. And I'll fuckin do it again! Bwahahahahaha! NOW I'M DOING IT WITH BOTH HANDS!!!! Well...not while typing...but BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER TYPING THIS!!!!!1
   Though said autists also like to force progressives' thinly-concealed anti-white racism out into the open by, e.g., getting people to put up signs like this:

The left does, indeed, lose its mind whenever these signs appear. That's in part because they do not, in fact, believe that it's ok to be white--which is 4chan's point. Anti-white racism pervades the lefty-left. It's not like they hide it. But the other idea motivating the leading edge of the progressive left is almost as crazy; it's roughly:

               Anything racists think (or say) (or might think (or say)) is racist.

   This is an old sophistry, refuted innumerable times. Hitler loved his dog. The Nazis were environmentalists. Stalin hated Hitler. Mao...well...presumably he believed something good... Bad people believe good things. Good people believe bad things. It's a mixed-up, muddled-up shook-up world. The nuttiness in question is the kind of nuttiness that has motivated the progressive left to proclaim that believing that races are natural kinds--biologically real clusters of characteristics--is racist. My God racists think that! So...so....etc. You know what else racists believe? That there are racists everywhere. They think that most everybody agrees with them, but only they are honest enough to say it. So you guys have that in common, too.
   Even if racists adopt something in a widespread way,  it doesn't mean the symbol is ruined for the rest of us. I have had one of these in my office for about fifteen years:
During that time, the Gadsden flag seems to have been adopted by the crazy right. So now one of the things it symbolizes is that slice of the crazy right. Oh well. Wanna try to take it? If falling afoul of the crazy right and the crazy left makes you give up your Gadsden flag, you didn't deserve one in the first place.
  Of these two kinds of crazy, the crazy left is craziest, as usual. The crazy right just does ordinary crazy fringe political shit--e.g. waving flags and whatnot. The crazy left runs around with its hair on fire making shit up right and left to accord with the general orientation of the cult. In conjunction with its postpostmodern pseudophilosophy of meaning, this makes the world their Rorschach test. And, as the man with sex on the brain is alleged to see every blot as pr0n, the leftist sees a world composed entirely of racism and similar things.
   This Swales person is such a kook that she can't even bring herself to admit that the OK dust-up at the Kavanaugh hearings was bullshit:
Critics expressed outrage when a former White House aide, Zina Bash, appeared to be flashing the sign as she sat behind Brett M. Kavanaugh during his televised Senate confirmation hearings for his appointment to the Supreme Court. Defenders of Ms. Bash insisted that she had not intended any racist connotation and was merely signaling O.K. to someone.
"Defenders" of Bash "insisted" that she hadn't "intended" "any racist connotation" [sic]… Jesus. English much? But the important points: actually, no one with half a brain thought Bash was throwing white power signs. It wasn't just her defenders, and the only people insisting about anything were on the crazy left. The rest of us were laughing at you. This lunacy was just one small bit of the lunacy emanating from the left throughout those hearings. It was swamped by the screeching crowds clawing at the doors, the Handmaid's Tale cosplayers, and, of course, the Blasey Ford foolishness at center stage.
   There are just so many levels of stupid here it's not worth disentangling them all. As others have noted (and as has happened previously), this non-incident didn't even involve an OK sign--rather, it was a reference to the "circle game." Which is a completely different thing. So there was no reason to even start with this bullshit. As with the Bash incident, the left not only reads its preferences into the actual OK hand sign, they then interpret it broadly so that even non-instances of the thing get counted as instances.
   Apparently the service academies are investigating, but that doesn't mean that this bullshit isn't bullshit. The military has been converged, unfortunately, and it dances to the PC tune. In their defense, though, they can't let even a whiff of that sort of thing pass uninvestigated. So they've got to make a show of looking into it, no matter how idiotic the dust-up is and how obviously a non-event.
   In conclusion: the left-wing analog of the religious right now controls our public dialog, and they are excited to have something new to forbid. Needless to say: don't let them get away with it.


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