Monday, December 02, 2019

More Climate Hysteria From The Washington Post

I'm all for reasonable reductions of pollutants. Let's absolutely push in that direction--without getting crazy about it. We're not going to achieve the ridiculous goals that progressives are screeching about. It simply isn't going to happen. For one thing: it doesn't matter much what we do. China and Africa aren't going to do what they'd need to do. So let's go back to working toward reducing pollution in a reasonable way. The apocalyptic scenarios are speculative and based on models for which there just isn't much actual, direct evidence. And don't forget:
  • Even progressives don't actually believe the hysteria; if they did, they wouldn't, e.g., pack the Green New Deal with irrelevant, non-carbon-related policies. And they wouldn't buy mansions on the beach. And they wouldn't be pushing for mass, unregulated immigration from the third to the first world, which increases someone's carbon footprint by something like an order of magnitude.
  •  If you're not pushing for more nuclear power plants, then you're not serious about this alleged problem, either.
  • Unless we (a) get unlucky or (b) do something really stupid (like continuing to drunkenly stumble leftward off the cliff of irrationality), your children and grandchildren are going to be a lot better off than you are, on average. Even if one of the bad climate scenarios turns out to be real, they'll still be better off than us. So stop worrying about a climate apocalypse and start worrying about the left turning the Western world into a totalitarian nightmare.


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