Sunday, December 01, 2019

"Mischief-Makers With An Agenda Promote 'Gun Sanctuaries' In Virginia"

My God the Post is shit now.
"Sanctuaries" for illegal aliens--oops...I meant "unauthorized migrants": awesome, of course!
Sanctuaries aiming to protect actual Constitutional Amendments...mischief-makers! They have an agenda!!!!111
"This is nonsense fanned by mischief-makers with an agenda. In fact, the gun legislation with the best chance of passage would promote public safety by requiring universal background checks — a measure with overwhelming bipartisan support among Virginians in public opinion surveys. Other bills with broad support would limit the number and types of weapons that can be sold.
   Oh! Merely limiting the types of weapons that can be sold! And the number! And letting any asshole with a phone and a grudge SWAT you and take your legally-purchased-and-owned firearms! Well...why didn't you say so? Gosh, I really hope these mischief-makers get their comeuppance!
   F*ck off, WaPo. If you're against it, I'm for it.
   And, again: so long as the left is insane and is, for example, working to undermine the First Amendment, I'll oppose such undermining of the Second Amendment. When the left lays off trying to turn the U.S. into an illiberal dystopia, I guess maybe we can talk about more extensive restrictions on firearm-ownership. But, y'know...probably not. I think I've finally learned my lesson: the left never stops. Never, ever, ever, ever stops. That's the logic of the left: leftward, always leftward. It's never enough. It'll never be enough until the dystopian utopia is achieved, and all the counterrevolutionaries are in the Gulags.
   Eh. I guess its still possible that liberalism will return and shove the Orwellian progressive left into the dustbin of history. But I'm not sure I really expect that to happen anymore..


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