Saturday, December 14, 2019

Leftists Control Everything: Leftists Control Merriam-Webster: Pronoun Follies Edition

Well, of course, this is ridiculous.
   I actually don't have a problem with the singular use of 'they,' and have used it that way many times. I'm no linguist, so I can't make this point very precisely, but: it can be used to refer to an unspecific person, but--until it became a leftist cause--I'd never heard it used to refer to a single, specific, determinate, known person. You can use it in a context like this, basically as a kind of quantifier: If someone happens to come in late, you can still feel free to admit them. You can't use it like this: I'd like you to meet John; they are my neighbor. That's ridiculous.
   Also: 'they', used in this way, is unspecific. It has never had anything to do with being "nonbinary," which isn't even an actual thing. Not with respect to sex (or "gender") anyway. Intersex-ness is a thing. As is androgyny. But M-W is illicitly lending its authority (such as remains) to a political invention that it favors, while pretending that its doing its lexicographical job.
   This is one of the reasons the illiberal left is so dangerous: it so effortlessly coopts/controls so many cultural pressure-points.


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